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The worst rugby injuries

Piri Weepu suffered such a badly broken leg in 2010 that surgeons had to use six screws to repair the damage after ankle twisted so hard during a tackle attempt. He’s back on the field though! Tony Caine was injured so seriously and so thoroughly in 2006 (during his debut for his new team, no [...]

Rugby is full of injuries

There isn’t good data available but I’d be willing to bet that rugby has more serious injuries per player than any sport on the planet. Soccer rarely causes a serious injury outside of tearing something in a freakish way and the same can be said for all the American sports outside of football. That one [...]

The rugby scrum

The scrum is how play is started or re-started in a rugby game. Sometimes it’s used when a ball is knocked out of bounds or when an infraction of some sort has been committed. Essentially, the rugby scrum is used when play stops and needs to get going again. It’s an amazing thing to watch. [...]

Positions in rugby

Rugby players are divided into backs and forwards and within each category there are sub-categories that define a player’s role on the field. The rules apply the same to all players but they have different responsibilities to ensure their team’s success in the game of rugby. Backs are generally smaller and faster and do the [...]

South Africa and the 1995 Rugby World Cup

If you’ve seen the Matt Damon movie Invictus then you know all about the 1995 Rugby World Cup. If not you should read on. It was the third Rugby World cup ever held and South Africa was the host country in their first ever cup. South Africa was banned from the cup and all international [...]

The Rugby World Cup

In 1987 the first Rugby World Cup was held and like the Olympics it continues to run every four years. It’s organized by the International Rugby Board and the winners of the competition are given the William Webb Ellis cup, named after the man purported to have invented rugby football by cheating and picking up [...]

The best rugby players of all time

There’s always going to be arguments over the best players of all time in any sport. The same is true for rugby players but I’m going to list a few guys that would be considered among the best of all time by anyone. Let’s start with Gareth Edwards, a player from Wales with an incredible [...]

Rugby union football

Rugby union football is the original form of rugby that began in England in the 1800s. The first rules for this version of the game were written in 1845 and have slowly developed over the years. For most of its lifetime rugby union football was an amateur sport, which is what led to the creation [...]

Rugby league football

There are a handful of different forms of rugby, one of which is rugby league football. This is an often rough and sometimes brutal full-contact sport with 13 players per side. There are two codes of rugby football and this one began in 1895 over issues regarding payments to players. Over the years the rules [...]

The history of Rugby

The modern game of rugby we all know and love developed at Rugby School in the United Kingdom. The first written rules for the game came about in 1845 and from there have developed to the game you see today. At first there was no limit on the number of players during a game of [...]