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Rugby league football

There are a handful of different forms of rugby, one of which is rugby league football. This is an often rough and sometimes brutal full-contact sport with 13 players per side. There are two codes of rugby football and this one began in 1895 over issues regarding payments to players. Over the years the rules have been tweaked to produce the most interesting, fastest form of rugby and it is seen as the roughest of the team sports around the world. Watching one match tells you that’s entirely true.

In rugby league football teams score points by moving the ball over the opponent’s goal line and grounding it. They call that a try and after the try the scoring team gets a free kick to tack on a few more. The amazing thing about rugby league football is that the defense is free to take down the ball carrier in any way they please, resulting in some truly brutal contact. If you like American football you’ll love this as the violence is even greater and they play with no pads whatsoever.
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