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South Africa and the 1995 Rugby World Cup

If you’ve seen the Matt Damon movie Invictus then you know all about the 1995 Rugby World Cup. If not you should read on. It was the third Rugby World cup ever held and South Africa was the host country in their first ever cup. South Africa was banned from the cup and all international competitions due to Apartheid; when that ended in 1992 they were allowed to play in the next Cup. It was the first major sporting event hosted in South Africa since Apartheid ended. The meaning comes from the fact that South Africa emerged victorious in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. It was an uplifting moment for a country with deep wounds and the sight of Nelson Mandela presenting South Africa’s captain Francois Pienaar with the cup still resonates. You should see the movie if you haven’t since it’s an uplifting film.
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