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The worst rugby injuries

Piri Weepu suffered such a badly broken leg in 2010 that surgeons had to use six screws to repair the damage after ankle twisted so hard during a tackle attempt. He’s back on the field though! Tony Caine was injured so seriously and so thoroughly in 2006 (during his debut for his new team, no less) that the doctors repairing him compared him to a car accident victim. He tore ligaments galore and his calf muscle had ripped away from the bone.

Drew Mitchell was in a collision with an opponent during a rugby match in 2010 and suffered multiple leg fractures and a severely dislocated ankle. Beau Robinson had one of the grossest looking rugby injuries when his arm was twisted in ways an arm isn’t supposed to twist during a match in 2011. The surgery was simple though and he was back on the field in a month.
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